Friday, October 14, 2011

Brokenness Aside

"I am forgotten as a dead man out of mind: I am like a broken vessel" (Psalm 31:12).

I guess I don't understand how Your grace never runs out when all I do is make mistakes. You teach me how to face each new day when all I've ever really known is how to run away. Will You still call me child when I stumble? Will you still call me friend when I fall? I am a sinner, nothing more, nothing less, yet through all the lies I've created, through the brokenness of my life, You continue to shine. You make the worst in me beautiful. You put my brokenness aside.

This Morning as I was studying I looked at David. He was perhaps the most broken man in the bible.  

Men who refuse to be broken become nothing but miserable shipwrecks.  The more broken we are, the more God can do with us.  God's ways with us and through us have little or nothing to do with our education, our finances, our institutions, and our blood-lines.  It is all a matter of brokenness. To lay aside our pride and humble ourselves before God and allow God to use our broken vessel and poured out wine to become something great. What is brokenness?  The Hebrew word of Psalm 31:12 is abad: "to lose oneself, by implication to perish!"  Jesus said, "…whosoever will lose his life…, the same shall save it" (Lu. 9:24).  Almost every person tries to save himself.  Jesus says: It must all be surrendered. God let me always be Broken before you.

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